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Pregnancy and Post-partum

PREGNANCY - You're pregnant!  Congratulations!  This is what people usually say when they find out.  But unbridled joy may not be what you are feeling . Pregnancy can mean so many different things to different people, and even during the course of one pregnancy, you will likely experience a myriad of emotions.... Excitement, anticipation, joy, trepidation, anxiety, worry, panic, uncertainty, wonder, curiosity, boredom, and impatience, along with nausea, discomfort and a frequent urgent need to pee!  


Perhaps you always wanted to have a baby and are thrilled the time has come.  You may feel ready to be a mom, but have lots of worries and concerns. You may have been taken completely off guard but are slowly adjusting to the idea.   The reactions, responses and feelings about being pregnant and impending parenthood are countless and complicated.  I will help you make some sense of conflicting feelings and teach you strategies to control your worries.  I will help you prepare in an emotional and practical way for your new role.

POST-PARTUM - Now the baby is here.  Many new moms and new dads experience the "most love ever" and others feel nothing at all.  You may be tearful, depressed, overwhelmed, anxious,  sleep-deprived, and baffled by the new lack of routine in your house and life.  Baby blues, post-partum depression, post-partum anxiety, and rarely post-partum psychosis, are all possible experiences you may be having.  They range in types of emotions and severity.  I'll help you with your feelings and help you decide what level of support you and your baby need.  

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