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Don't we all imagine that when we have kids, they will be happy and healthy and we will be calm and engaged with them?  Our kids are going to get along and be smart and well-behaved and talented.  They won't have problems because we are going to be available and supportive and they will always come to us with questions and concerns when they need help. Life will be good.  We will feel so proud and fulfilled!  

Or Perhaps......

~You will be overwhelmed and exhausted.  

~Your kids will not always listen to what you tell them to do.  They will have their own ideas about how to behave and what happiness is.  

~They will want to exert their own views.  They will be anxious, sad, angry and depressed at times.  ~You may not always be able to help them, or even 'like' them.    

~You may want to run far, far away ocasionally, or often!  This is all normal.  


Many parents need support as they confront challenges with their children. Counseling will help you sort out your needs from their needs.  You can find the best strategies for supporting them and getting them their own help if needed. Parenting therapy is not how to parent, but how to take care of yourself while parenting.  It is discussing how to balance your needs with those of your children.  


Therapy will be a place where you can let down and be supported yourself.  It will also be a place where you can discover or re-discover the joys of parenting.  Learn to be open to the ways you can grow as a person and a parent, and enjoy watching your children grow!

No need to hold up an image as a 'good' mom or dad.  We are all doing our best with what we have available to us at the moment. Whether you are a new mom or dad, have young children, school-age children, or teenagers, we will address the issues that are making parenting challenging, confusing, frustrating, anxiety-ridden, or depressing.  You will find a comfortable and supportive environment to let down your guard and be honest about what is hard for you.

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