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Couples Counseling

A happy and fulfilled partner relationship is a complex matter. Even if you are not dealing with any significant problems, routine and boredom can lead to new problems. Sometimes, it is just necessary to rediscover each other. I would be happy to support you to help solve any difficult and not so difficult problems your relationship might be facing.


Who can benefit from couples counseling?

  • Loving couples wanting to improve their relationship.
  • Dissatisfied couples wanting rediscover what seems lost.
  • Engaged couples looking for insight into healthy relationships.
  • Couples having conflicts over parenting or needing extra support.
  • Married couples considering separation or divorce.


I believe all couples can benefit from counseing at one time or another.  I enjoy working with couples.  No one likes conflict, but I have learned that all disagreements come with at least two perspectives, both passionately felt and experienced, and equally valid.  If you are part of a couple in conflict, I will help each of you feel heard and understood.  I will also guide and teach each of you how to hear one another with more compassion.  You will feel heard.  You may decide after counseling that both of you need to start over on your own, but more likely you will come to remember why you chose to spend your life with your partner in the first place.



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