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Whole Life Therapy

“Life is never made unbearable by circumstances, but only by lack of meaning and purpose.” 

Victor E. Frankl

Welcome to Whole Life Therapy 

~ Counseling and Psychotherapy - Portland, Oregon

You are courageously looking for help to improve your life, to make it more manageable and meaningful. Congratulations on taking a step towards healing! 


I provide down-to-earth therapy for people who are overwhelmed at various stages of life.  For example, I see young adults, or 20-somethings, flooded by too many choices and decisions who are seeking their own authentic voice as they find their own place 'in the real world.' If you are one of these young people, I will help you wade through the choices, develop a clearer sense of who you are and what you want out of life.  I will guide you as you find your niche and develop tools and strategies for understanding and dealing with depression and anxiety or whatever challenges you are confronting.


I help couples, who are engulfed by miscommunication and assumptions to re-establish closeness. No one likes conflict, but I have learned that all disagreements come with at least two perspectives, both passionately felt and experienced, and equally valid.  If you are part of a couple in conflict, I will help each of you feel heard and understood.  I will also guide and teach each of you how to hear one another with more compassion.


I also specialize in pregnancy, post-partum and parenting.  I love to help pregnant women and new moms struggling with mood issues. I also counsel new parents who are anxious and more experienced parents who feel burdened by shifting responsibilities as their child develops.
Overall, I accompany my clients to be emotionally solid, confident, and prepared t
o take on life’s evolving challenges.

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